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2021 TIER Holiday Special, EP4

Almost the end of our mini-series, the holiday is drawing to a close...But not before Ben, Mike, and Jon face the final challenge from Jamie!
What monocle-esque fate befalls Jon?
Is Mike sober enough to speak coherently?
Why does Ben get chastised?
Please  join us as the holiday ends to see if we escape!

2021 TIER Holiday Special, EP3

It's into the last half of the holiday, and as everyone does we've become rather comfortable by this point. Jamie, Jon, and Mike go through Ben's  picnic hamper, what will they find inside?
What does Mike clamp between his thighs?
Who does Jon spy on the receipt?
Will anybody listen to Jamie?
Tune in to find out what dreadful puns Ben has in store!

2021 TIER Holiday Special, EP2

Join the TIER team for episode two of their holiday mini-series.  Follow Jamie, Jon, and Ben this week as we turn to Mike's lovely view out of a window.

Does Jamie have a stomach of steel?

What will Ben try with a small pump?

After everything that we've tried to censor in the past, what hill will Jon die on?

Questions, answers, and probably more questions are to be found in this episode of the TIER holiday special!

2021 TIER Holiday Special, EP1

It's July and the TIER gang are going on holibobs! But don't fear, we shan't leave you high and dry - you're going to get a four part mini-series!
This week, bask briefly in the sun before learning how our four presenters get locked into a beach hut. Jon leads the puzzling by putting us in a potentially explosive predicament.
  • Which one of us will wield the power of attraction?
  • Who can see the bigger picture?
  • Are any of us left flagging...?
Answers and yet more questions lie in this weeks episode of TIER!

Escape the mighty Jungle!

This week, Aled and Chris find themselves on the wrong side of everyone's favorite nonagenarian documentarian, David Attenborough - as Mike takes them through some 2000s indie goings on in the heart of the Congo basin.

Now something you should know, is that you're going to hear about this Gorilla called Clint. He's pretty cool, and he wears a cowboy hat. You might be interested to know what gestures he's making with his gorilla hands. They look a little like this:


The sequence is important. I hope you don't forget that. Chris and Aled did.

Also who remembers the Gorillaz?

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Escape the Wedding!

This week Bailey, Aled and Jordan find themselves to be guests at a very lovely wedding. Join them as they:

  • Marvel at how nothing bad happens!
  • Ignore the German with the Luger and the blood of three men on his hands!
  • Wonder at the tasteful decorations!
  • Get their thinking caps on for the speeches!

Here's the Polaroid clue for your own viewing pleasure:


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PS - This episode is dedicated to marriage of Danny and Amy Nicholls, who put on a belting wedding and the first major social event any of us had experienced in 18 months. IT WAS GLORIOUS. Lots of love , Mike x

Escape The Car Crash

It's been suggested by some that my episodes are unecessarily bleak. To remedy this, I give you Escape The Car Crash, featuring Michael Buble.


Will Mike recover from being a Cyclist?

Will Jamie make a good Poultergeist?

Will Aled ever forgive me?


Tune in and find out.

Escape the Arcade

Right in the arcade where we left off, join Aled as he attempts to find Chris and appease a pixelated old Viking in an old arcade game.
  • What will Aled do with a sack truck?

  • Can Chris compute Caesars' secret?
  • Will Ben have a punny name for the key...?
Tune in and play along! Just watch out for the explosive ending!

Escape the Aquatic Shop

Join Aled on a solo adventure in a local aquatics shop that promises more that it first may seem!

What did Aled do to escape the hairy Viking?

Can he figure out the dark mystery behind the puzzle?

Where is everybody else!?

Listen in and and see if you can figure any of this out faster than Aled can!


P.S. you may find this handy dandy map somewhat handy:


Zoinks! Escape the Wye Valley!

This week, join Bailey, Alan and Danny as they escape the harrowing Wye Valley. A camping trip, a great dane, an whole shitload full of rain. This episode has it all. And the crazy thing? It all actually happened.

If you're interested in your own real life end-of-the-world weather experience then check out Beeches Farm Campsite? The weather is always dire but the view is incredible.

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Escape The Bridge Over Troubled Water

Unusually starting this episode with a PSA. The subject matter of this room hinges on a suicide attempt which some listeners might, understandably, not want to make light of in any way. While I hope we handle it sensitively, it may not be for everyone.

Hopefully helpfully, if this troubles you in a serious way, you may want to talk to someone about it.

The Samaritans offer a listening service that can be reached on the following numbers:

UK: 116 123

U.S: (877) 870-4673 (HOPE)


This week the team find themselves locked in a self-driving Van with everything they posess and the ominous number 5.

Will Ben be able to pronounce his own name?

Will Anna murder another slug?

Will Jamie make it to his second Jab?

Would Dom make a good Poultergeist?

And finally, when Jon meets St Peter at the Pearly Gates, will he ever be forgiven for this...


Escape Your New House

Mrs Toufrom's letter describes a loving life in a house where her husband had a mysterious incident with a shotgun. She's upset to be leaving the house, but is glad our solvers (Chris, Mike, and Tony) came along to enjoy it. She's especially please that they agreed to look after Gerald...
Is Mike correct that Gerald's a legally different lasagne eating cat?
Will Tony's allergies help the gang solve the puzzle?
Does Chris finally find one of Ben's puns amusing?
Listen in and find out!

Escape the ol’ switcheroo

This week, Ben, Jon and a mystery extra person find themselves in an unexpected role reversal.

  • Will they panic?
  • Will they remember what they were going to call their key?
  • Will Mike's laptop ever work again? (Sort of)

Join us, find out!

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Escape something going horribly wrong

This week we join Danny, Jon, Ben and Alan as Mike takes them through a seamless transition in The Infinite Escape Room, where absolutely nothing goes wrong and everything is fine, and did you sign the waiver on the way in? You did? Brilliant. We'll just keep hold of those next of kin details for just in casies alright? The Infinite Escape Room is definitely safe and absolutely not slowly shearing apart at the seams.

Also you might wonder what it is the boys are referring to. Here's a wee collage of all the different images they received:


(you can download the image here)

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Escape (The) Village People

What could be worse than being confused for (The) Village People? Being (The) Village People of course, or half of them anyway. Join Mike, Ben and Danny as they try to remember their own names and appease their legion of bloodthirsty disco fans.


Will Mike make an Ass of You and Me?

Will Danny's U-bend every recover?

Will Ben ever look under his God Damned Hat!

And has Jon, once again, created a room that is impossible to actually solve.


Tune in, find out!


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Jon used a few (a lot!) visual assets in this show, you can find them below.

Left to Right: Randy Jones, David Hodo, Felipe Rose, Victor Willis, Glenn Hughes, Alex Briley.
Ray Stephens, Felipe Rose, G. Jeff Olson, Mark Lee,  Glenn Hughes, Alex Briley
1978: Left to Right: Randy Jones, David Hodo, Victor Willis, Felipe Rose, Alex Briley, Glenn Hughes.

Escape the Costume Shop

Join Laura, Aled, and Mike as they run down a road in high heels while being chased by gigantic drag queens! Deciding that high heels really aren't for running, they duck into a costume shop and (as if by magic) are greeted by the shop keeper.
  • What rootin' tootin' adventure will Aled take the gang on?
  • What mayday inducing clamour will Laura get involved with?
  • And what does Mike call a tipi with a front door?
Find out in this Mr Benn inspired episode!

Escape the Drag Race Dressing Room

After being nipped at the heels by a pack of slobbering hounds the gang found themselves in the shadow of shady bitches of a different kind...

They are backstage at a dragtastic Mama LaRu extravaganza ... but with the headline act storming off in true diva fashion and a drag-hungry audience between them and escape, what will the gang do?! Join Laura, Ben, and Aled as they escape backstage at the drag show! (With Bailey as their drag obsessed host!)

No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade, this escape room is large and in charge and will hopefully make your day MUCH BETTA! Ladies start your engines and may the best woman…ESCAPE!


Escape the Dog Hospital

It's not what you think. Also it's filled with utterly horrible puns.

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Escape the Ransacked Writing Room

Everyone loves a cliff hanger. Last week left the team trapped in a Bus, surrounded by zombies. How will the story end?


Will Bailey reveal her real name?

Will Aled save Wales?

Will Chris be able to draw a circle?

Will you? (It's actually quite hard, try it now).



Tune in with your host Jon and find out!


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Escape the M4 Service Station

Join Laura, Aled, and Alan as they try to escape a motorway service station!
On entering the station to relieve yourselves, a man comes running up to you. Before he is of much use "something" gets him! Watch out, because they are patrolling and will hinder you!
What accent gets mangled this week?
Who gets greased up?
Does anybody try to cheat?
Hopefully someone will stay calm and collected in this weeks The Infinite Escape Room!
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